Blog post dilemmas and spring cleaning…..

16 May Blog post dilemmas and spring cleaning…..

It is a while since I last posted and although I could use the excuse of not enough time, truth be told, I didn’t know what to blog about. I was worried that if I keep the blog too work focussed, ‘admin’ can be classed as just a bit dull. As you can imagine, I really don’t want to bore you with my blog but maybe come up with a useful tip or just reassure you that we are are all human!

After a particularly useful get-together with other ‘mumpreneurs’, and a brief blogging ‘brainstorm’, we determined it may be useful to just blog about a ‘day in the life’ of a virtual PA.

So for my first blog in a while, I wanted to talk a little about my weekend….

Last weekend, the beautiful weather inspired us to do a little Spring Cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted to be outside enjoying the lovely weather too, so this all happened before the barbecue and paddling pool were brought out of hibernation.

Helping organise

The children’s idea of helping out……..

Whilst the children were distracted by old toys, which they couldn’t possibly be parted with, and photos of years gone by. I started with the office and dreaded filing cabinet, although already organised, it was time to get rid of the paperwork that dated well over the recommended 7 years, and file it in the shredder!

I always find that a good sort out, whether it be the toy cupboard or in the office, puts me in a great frame of mind and motivated to carry on the good work. It saves time in the long run and helps prevent me from feeling that I am constantly chasing my tail.

According to the internet….Benjamin Franklin once said… “For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned”. How you decide to spend that additional time is completely up to you.

So although none of the toys ended up being cleared out and the children’s rooms are still cluttered – the office is sparkling and the filing cabinet is a little emptier (ready for the next load of filing.) We then had the most wonderful family afternoon in the sun, accompanied by a great sense of achievement as one of those monotonous tasks had been ticked off the list.

So for my tip for the day – tackle that ‘dreaded’ task and ‘reward’ yourself afterwards – you enjoy the reward a whole lot more knowing that ‘THE’ job (we all have them) that keeps getting pushed to to bottom of the list can finally be ‘crossed off’ the list!