Spring into Action – The importance of a Good Spring Clean

22 Apr Spring into Action – The importance of a Good Spring Clean

Last weekend, the beautiful weather spurred us on to do a little Spring Cleaning. It was wonderful to throw open the doors and give the house a good airing. We started in the kitchen and I am embarrassed to admit that we found some tins in the cupboard several years past their use by date! Needless to say, they were filed in the great Black Filing cabinet outside the kitchen door!

Personally, I always find that a good sort out, whether it be the tin cupboard or in the office, puts me in a great frame of mind and motivated to carry on the good work. It saves time in the long run and helps prevent me from feeling that I am constantly chasing my tail.

AA Milne once said ‘Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up!’

So, it is safe to say that organisation is an integral part of the way I work and luckily, something that comes quite naturally.

Have you ever thought about how the way you work can be perceived? Although it doesn’t come easily to some, I believe that good organisation is so important in both life and business:

  • We all know that first impressions count and generally, by being organised you are able give a great first impression, for example, by calmly arriving at a business meeting on time and prepared!
  • When working in a tidy and methodical manner – tidy desk, tidy mind – can mean that important documents and data are easily accessible.
  • Logical scheduling and time management leads to a greater efficiency. It’s much easier to prioritise tasks when you have a ‘to do’ list, resulting in greater productivity.
  • In today’s hectic lifestyle being organised can help reduce stress, making you and your workplace much more relaxed.
  • It can also help build great working relationships with your clients.

And most importantly – makes it easier to achieve a work/life balance.

My most important tool, and top tip, in keeping yourself organised is spending the first few minutes of your working day writing your ‘To Do’ list.

Happy Organising!