Time to Blog?

07 May Time to Blog?

The importance of diary management and confirming appointments became apparent this morning. I usually micro manage my diary to the minute and confirm with clients the day before we meet, but on this occasion I didn’t. Even so, I am pleased to say it certainly worked in my favour and allowed me some time to think about the blog this month.

With the website up and running and all advice pointing to having a blog, the initial fear was ‘what am I going to write about’ and ‘am I going to have time to blog every month (let alone every week)’! Something I’m sure I am not alone in thinking and it may be putting many potential bloggers off?

So here I am biting the bullet, stepping out of my comfort zone (something we all have to do every now and then, no matter how daunting) and writing my second blog. Wish me luck!

My first question was ‘what am I going to blog about’. After giving it a great deal of thought, I decided that I just had to write about what matters to me, whether that is on a personal or professional level (and I am sure it will vary month on month). Hopefully, this will be something that strikes a cord with many other mums and small business owners alike.

The second question was ‘would I have time to blog’. I am a busy mum and wife, running her own business, networking, looking after the family, walking the dog, doing the chores…. the list goes on and I know I’m not alone. Nearly everyone I speak to feels the same – the day is just not long enough! Funnily enough, this is where my last blog comes in handy with top tips on organisation! The conclusion: if it’s important to you, make time for it! Don’t leave it to chance, plan your day and if necessary schedule it into your diary. So the trip to the gym, time to read a magazine, or basically everything that you keep putting off because you don’t have time, if it’s important to you and your wellbeing, put it on your ‘ To Do List’. You know, the one I suggested you started last month!

Also, something thing that I have learnt this morning – if you are presented with an opportunity (such as a free hour in this case) don’t waste it, grab it with both hands and use it to your advantage.

So this month, whether you would like to start blogging, read a book, grab a coffee with a friend or just go for a walk – if it’s important to you, make sure you make time for it!DSC_7679